About This Blog

This blog is primarily for the experiences, trials, successes, and failures of backyard grilling. At times, I will post blogs about home improvement, landscaping, and gardening, because those are things I enjoy as well. Over the years, I have absorbed skills and knowledge about these things. Part enjoyment, and part that I don’t want to pay someone else to do what I can do for myself! And neither should you. It is my intention to share my hints and tips as I do them for myself.

On the BBQ front, I will experiment with different meats and flavors. Recipes formulate as I try and perfect different techniques. I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not a BBQ Pit Master. I have no professional culinary training. I have just learned from many people I have met over the years, mixed with my own Mad Scientist experiences. “Veteran BBQ” is simply this: I am a Navy Veteran who loves to BBQ. I am a patriot, and the well being of all Veterans is on my mind very often.

Those who were in the Navy, and served aboard ships, can relate to a love of BBQ. At times, when we could, we sailors would have what is called a “Steel Beach Picnic”. Spending days and weeks underway at sea can be tough on morale, and to improve that, ships’ Captains would allow for time to relax and burn off our energy by holding a picnic on the weather decks. Grills would fire up, and the crew would enjoy some home-style cooking, play basketball or volleyball, sit in the sun, Listen or play music, or just kick back with a good book for the good part of a day. Nothing felt like home, while deployed at sea, quite like the smell of burgers and hot dogs being grilled. Smiles and laughter were never hard to find among sailors who were stuffing their faces, while forgetting for the time that they were thousands of miles away from home, serving their Country.

So, as you follow my blog, you may get an additional story from my Navy days that tie to the topic at hand. Call it a bonus, or even a curse. 😉

I welcome comments, but please be respectful to me and my readers, and be aware that kids have access. Constructive criticisms are never ignored, as we all can learn lessons from one another. And please, if you are going to comment, I ask that all solicitations and advertisements be cleared prior to posting. Otherwise, it will be removed, and the person(s) given a one-time reminder and warning.