Something’s Fishy! Thank Goodness!

Well, I’m back!  My apologies for not posting during the past couple of weeks.  We had a birth in the family, and wedding preps for the Viking Princess and I have gone into full gear.  With that aside, let’s get right to it.

In this entry, I will share a recipe for a Great Lakes grilled Walleye dinner I made just this evening.  I will also give the first of my product reviews.

Let’s start with the product review.  Whenever I go to a hardware store for whatever, I always take a peek in the grill accessory area.  In this case, I went to my local Great Lakes Ace Hardware.  I grabbed a couple of extra grill tops to use on my fire pit, and then something caught my eye, so I had to get it to try out.  What I got was a plastic burger press to make stuffed burgers.  Stuffed burgers seem to be the craze these days, and this product seemed affordable enough to grab.

Yesterday, I tried it out.  I got 4 pounds of 80/20 ground beef, and went to work.  First lesson learned, the ground beef sticks to the plastic.  That makes it difficult to get the final product out of the press.  I solved that with a light spritz of cooking spray.  With that issue solved, the meat slid out of the form.  A little trial and error on the first two burgers allowed me to get the right amount of ground beef per stuffed burger.  Let’s be honest, who’s going to actually weigh each portion of beef to put into the press?  I don’t have the time for that!  As a final tally, I filled the press 2/3s of the way with ground beef, and pressed the indentation form into it to create the stuffing pocket.  I made two types of stuffing, bacon and cheddar cheese, and salsa with Mexican four cheese blend.  I used precooked bacon, and it worked out great.  Make sure to drain the salsa, so there isn’t a lot of excess juice.  After stuffing the burgers, I topped the form with about a quarter pound of ground beef and finished the pressing process, which is supposed to seal the burger.  “Sealing” is a loose term.  It did okay, but the seal wasn’t perfect.  I ended up making six stuffed burgers, and that process took nearly an hour.  The final result was a filling monster sized stuffed burger.

Unfortunately, the bottom line is this…save your money.  You don’t need a burger press.  It doesn’t work without extra tips, not in the instructions, and it is very time consuming.  Just make two quarter pound patties, and use the bottom of a measuring cup (1 cup size) to make the stuffing pocket.  Press the two halves and seal, then grill them up.  You will save a ton of time doing it by hand.


And now for my “Where’s Walleye?” recipe (based on a meal for two):

  • Two Wild caught Walleye filets
  • 1 orange
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • Garlic Butter, 1 stick (Regular Butter and Garlic powder can be used)
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Herbamare Sea Salt/herb blend

Take a sheet of foil and place a filet, skin side down, on it.  Sprinkle a bit of lemon pepper over the filet.  Repeat for a second filet.  Cut two slices from the lemon, lime, and orange, and place one of each over top of the filet.  With the remainder of the citrus, squeeze just a bit of juice over the filet.  (Save the fruit!).  Cut the garlic butter into small pats, and place into the gaps to cover the rest of the filet. Cover the filet with another sheet of foil and seal all the edges.  I make three small folds for a good seal. Put those into the fridge long enough to prep your side dish.

For the side dish, I took asparagus spears and placed them on a sheet of foil, sprinkled some seasoning and a light spritzing of olive oil, then covered and sealed that as well.

Preheat your grill at a medium-high heat, and place your walleye filet pouches on the grill.  Let it grill for 18-20 minutes.  You will hear the sizzle, and the well-sealed pouches will inflate as they finish.  At about the ten minute mark, place the side dish pouch on a burner set at low heat.  When the walleye filets are done, the side will be done as well.

Plate the filets and sides.  Keep the fruit slices on for presentation, or just take them off.  Sprinkle the  Sea Salt/Herb blend on your walleye and enjoy!

Remember those fruit pieces you saved?  You DID save them, right?  I took mine, and put them in a 2 quart pitcher of water, and stirred some sugar in.  Let it chill in the fridge for a citrus-ade.  Add some rum of you want the drink to have a kick.

I made the Viking Princess so happy, she is currently making banana bread for dessert!

Until next time, safe grilling!  I’ll be grilling for Father’s Day, and maybe a few times until then.

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